Health and Fitness


His and Her Time Group Outdoor Fitness has assisted hundreds of people over the past 15 years to attain their health and fitness goals. His and Her Time encourages people of all ages and sizes to move, have fun and enjoy living a healthy life. It makes fitness fun and affordable whilst providing individual support, motivation and encouragement. We Can Help You Too!

Our sessions combine the affordability of a typical gym membership with the highly tailored and personalised nature of a personal training program. We provide support motivation and guidance to offer uniquely personalised training to focus on your specific needs and goals. Unlike a gym, our setting is the beautiful outdoors. Our trainers are experienced and our main objective is you. (picture of Rachel and Anna)


When training with His and Her Time Health and Fitness, you’ll never do the same session twice. We are consistently modifying the equipment and training focus with our programming to ensure that you get a workout that is always challenging you in fun ways! Training with His and Her Time’s style of variety, we load the body in different ways and challenge the mind in our training. This helps build overall strength and not just focussed on one muscle or movement.


At His and Her Time Health and Fitness it’s the simple differences that make our training so much fun. We create an environment for people to play in the outdoors and ultimately have more fun. We believe having fun through play is your gateway to full self-expression and a true fulfilling way of being. We promise there is never a dull moment when you come down and train with us.


Training together provides another level to your training. Being connected to those in your community not only naturally makes training even more fun, but it brings you closer to yourself and your training. Laughter & smiles, along with an amazing session, is what His and Her Time Health and Fitness is all about, and that is what you get when you train with your fellow community members.