Connection is Key to a Healthy Life

From work to errands to taking care of the house and family, it’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to take care of the most important person in our lives—ourselves. Most would say that to be healthy, you need nutritious food and exercise. But there’s one factor that’s often overlooked: human connection

Humans need connection.

The importance of human connection has been supported by research. In fact, studies have shown that loneliness is on the rise, and that a lack of human connection can be more harmful to your health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to connect with others on a regular basis, whether it’s through meeting up with friends for coffee or talking to neighbors when you see them out and about. From living in small tribes to living in large cities, we have constantly been around other people. Our need for social interaction is deeply ingrained in who we are as humans.

Of course, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to meet up with people in person. That’s where technology comes in. There are now more ways than ever before to stay connected with others, even when you can’t be together in person. Social media, video chats and messaging apps make it possible to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world—and all from the comfort of your own home.

Top Ways To Stay Connected

Making time for connection is crucial to your health and wellbeing. Here are some simple ways to stay connected:

1) Join a club or sports team

2) Go out for coffee with a friend

3) Take a cooking or dance class

4) Volunteer for a cause you care about

5) Have dinner with family or friends instead of in front of the TV 

6) Attend cultural events in your community

7) Go for walks with a neighbor or family member

8) Schedule regular check-ins with far-away friends or family members

9) Invest time in your relationships

10) Check in with yourself – make sure you’re staying connected with yourself as well as others!

The Dangers of Isolation

Humans are social creatures. We need interaction with others in order to thrive. When we’re isolated, we tend to withdraw from activities that we normally enjoy, our immune systems suffer, and we’re more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Join our community & stay connected.

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a step back and consider how you can connect with others. Whether it’s picking up the phone to call a friend or hopping on social media for a quick chat, human connection is key to a happy and healthy life.

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